My trip to Bokajan

As they say,the hardest step is the first one.

I found it was quite true,indeed. As I came to Bokajan,my fathers house,a little known town in a small district, Karbi Anglong of Assam, I found the place,underwhelming. Being a lad of Kolkata, born and bred there, I found it hard to adjust to the country life. There are more hardships, and you don’t spend your time doing facebook, or flicking the television channels. Rather,you have to participate in homely activities,and help out others. You have to partake in social conversations, which is not of the norm, for a teenager living in Kolkata, who spends most of his time, surfing the net, or studying.

But as days passed by, the place growed on me. I started falling in love with the quite, peaceful country life .It was serene,and a different kettle of fish to the life I used to lead. The natural beauty of the place was breathtaking, and it was a breath of fresh air for me, literally and metaphorically.

My board exams were over,and after weeks of burying myself in books,and sleep less nights(needless to say),I craved freedom and entertainment. Of course moving from the city and my friends,restricted me from effectuating my ambition. I did not support our trip initially, but mom craved to meet dad,and when I heard internet was available there, I caved in too.

If I have learnt one thing in this short life of mine,its that our expectations are seldom in correspondence with reality. Our trip there was of 16 days,and only in the first day,I was bored out of my wits. This just in,in nationwide shocker,the internet was slower than a handicapped snail.

Or maybe,it was too fast for my eyes to register its movements.For some inexplicable reason,I suspect it’s the former.

What I have noticed here, is the nights are quite different from the city nights. The nights at the city are filled with various streetlights,lamps,lights from numerous buildings etc.Anyone who has lived in the city knows that whenever we go out at night,we can easily visualize the paths we are to walk on .I find here,I am much closer to mother nature. There is very little artificial lighting. When I walk out and stand beneath the full moon, there are no sources of illumination apart from the moonlight .I can see the palm trees in the distance swaying in the light comfortable breeze. All other dark figures out there ,seem like mountains towering over me.

It was as if I knew nothing about it , but it knew everything about me. As I stood out there, I felt very unprotected and vulnerable. It is a truly fearsome prospect. One underestimates how the darkness of the night encompasses and overpowers you. Some say it’s the fear of the unknown. I felt the night had devoured me. Its not possible to experience this in the city. Words cannot do justice,to the feelings experienced by me, when I stood out there facing the endless night.

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